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About Us


Hello and welcome!

Banana Pants is a non-binary/woman owned and operated company. 

Banana Pants created the much desired dildo-base stimulation cushions! First of its kind and artistically designed, the bumpher made its debut to extreme delight as our first cushion. We’ve since added the b.cush, shagger and the honeybunch offering a variety of ways to elevate your strap-on game and add cushion to help prevent pubic bruising during harness play.

I founded Banana Pants in 2018 after a long, colorful career with ESPN The Magazine. In a blink I went from working with sexy athletes to creating sex toys! New to the industry but not new to the game, I knew people were craving what I was creating. 

But Banana Pants is really about you! Life is bananas and toys make things fun and more satisfying! Our mission is to create unique toys that make life better in the bedroom (or wherever you fancy a shag). Anybody that enjoys strap-on, harness play, we’ve got you covered!

Thank you for visiting, purchasing our products and sharing your thoughts. 

xo Nancy Pants


Banana Pants

CEOwner Nancy holding purple Bumpher